GT's, Craft Beers, Courmet Toasts and Frivolous Parties

In his nest, Papa Bird and his pack of birdies invite you to wet your beak in a gin & tonic and craft beer menu put together with an impeccable knack for details, while putting on a party that will surely mess up your tailfeathers. Nothing but frivolous partying, GT’s, beer and gourmet toast.

Papa Bird is located at Kødboderne 7-9, 1717 Copenhagen V

Papa's Company zone

Papa’s Company Zone hosts up to 150 people and is perfect for private parties. Give us a chirp and we’ll tailor the perfect party.

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The Menu

Gin and beer is the name of the game. At the moment we have 102 kinds of gin and 57 kinds of beer and we can make 7-800 different gt´s. We often ad new items to the menu, so if you want the complete picture just stop by.

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