A Gin, Toast & Beer Oasis in Tivoli Food Hall

Gourmet toast, Gin & Tonic and Kissmeyer Craft Beer. The toast menu contains modern interpretations of forgotten classics and the steaming hot toasts are made from solid Danish foods and a unique "Bird bread", which has exactly the right crispyness. Lots of cheese, butter and love!
The gourmet toasts are accompanied by a well-off selection of gin & tonics, which are served competently with carefully picked garnish and great taste. From the Taps flow Kissmeyer Craft Beer brewed by Anders Kissmeyer - a former Worlds Best Brewer-award winner.


We are located at Bernstoffsgade 3 - 1577 Copenhagen K

The Menu

Gin and beer is the name of the game. At the moment we have 102 kinds of gin and 57 kinds of beer and we can make 7-800 different gt´s. We often add new items to the menu, so if you want the complete picture just stop by.


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